Mariya + Michael | Saratoga & Burlingame Wedding Photography

Mariya and Mike’s wedding took place on a hot sunny day at Saratoga Springs and then at chilly Burlingame. Their day was filled with a festive crowd that danced and sang the night away and also the craziest cake smashed I’ve ever captured so far.

Mariya and Michael: Thanks for letting me be a part of your special day and Mariya, it’s an honor to be working with a fellow UC Davis Alumni.

Venue: Wedgewood Crystal Springs

Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-1

Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-9Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-18

Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-28Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-40Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-71Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-95Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-104Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-108Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-115Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-125Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-131Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-139Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-147Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-165Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-176Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-190Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-198

Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-203Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-211Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-235Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-260Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-264Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-275Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-326Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-343

Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-362

Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-376Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-394Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-408Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-415

Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-423

Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-429Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-441Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-458Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-478Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-490Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-499Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-532Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-535Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-539Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-546Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-569

Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-599

Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-733Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-737Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-779Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-798Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-815Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-818Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-829Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-845Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-848Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-857Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-922Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-1029Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-1039Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-1060Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-1086

All the bridesmaids and groomsmen performing a hiliarious song to the tune of Frank Sinatra’s Love and Marriage

Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-1089

Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-1095Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-1191Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-1196Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-1207Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-1230Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-1231

Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-1238

Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-1245

Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-1253Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-1269Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-1282Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-1288Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-1309

One of the boys had to be voted best booty shaker to get the garter!

Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-1316Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-1343Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-1382

Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-1387Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-1419

Mariya+Michael Wed Copy-1423

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